Scenes from a trip upstate - Part 7 - Ghosts in the Forest!

This is part 7 of our mini-special "Scenes from a trip upstate". All the pictures so far have been taken in a single day. Well, eventually we all returned to the house we were staying. It was dark already. Actually, so dark outside that I thought it would be cool to try to photograph the night sky. Something I cannot really to in Long Island because of the strong light pollution. But sadly I realized it was cloudy so there was nothing I could do. So the only other thing I could think of was to do some light painting and seeing what would happen. So I put the camera on a tripod, right besides the driveway, and started to drive the car with the lights turned on. A 60-second exposure allowed me to register just the car lights in the scene and bring a little bit of detail of the trees along the way. The resulting effect reminds me of ghosts fleeing back to the inner-forest.