I spotted Comet PanSTARRS!!!

Well, I could not see it with my naked eyes but I used my camera to see it for me and using a long exposure. The comet, as seen from Garden City, NY on March 13th at around 7:45 PM, was very faint. But I was very happy to enjoy such a rare view from this visitor of our solar system. It is really fascinating to know that this is its only visit. It will continue its journey to space but it will never return around here. The forecast was mostly cloudy, but I got lucky that at the spot where I was and at the position the comet was supposed to show up, there were no clouds. At first, I could not believe what I was seeing in the camera LCD screen, But I took a couple of pictures at different intervals to make sure the comet would remain in position and I could confirm it was it. Really cool. I may try again today and in the next couple of days to take another picture before this comet is long gone forever. Fascinating.

Context view of where PanSTARRS was located on March, 13th. The arrow indicates its position.

Comet PanSTARRS as seen on March 13th from Garden City, NY at around 7:45 PM

Comet PanSTARRS detail